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Business Phone Lines - Hosted PBX

This product gives you all the features of a physical phone system without the price tag. You pay a set fee per extension and we provide the virtual phone system and handsets. This fee includes the SIP phone lines so apart from the calls, there are no other costs.

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Phone Systems

If you prefer to have your own systems in house, we can either sell or lease a phone system to you. We supply systems based on the FreePBX software. This means you can either make changes to the phone system yourself (such as changing the menu options), or ask us to make the changes for you.

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SIP Trunks

If you already have your own VOIP phone system, you can make use of our SIP trunks and enjoy low rates that VOIP provides. As standard, we also provide our Failover service so that you can ensure you never lose a call if your phone system or internet connection stops working.

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Featured Services

Bespoke CRM Software

Apart from our VOIP solutions, we also develop CRM software that you can link in with our VOIP solutions. That way, your staff can get instant access to a caller's account details saving valuable time and allowing you to provide a more efficient and friendly service.

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