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Call Queuing Service

Call queuing is an add-on to our Business Phone Services. For a fixed monthly fee, you can have a phone line with on hold queuing and manage call flow more effectively. During peak times, instead of getting a busy tone, callers are placed into a queue, ensuring sales are not lost.

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What are Phone Menu Systems?

Phone Menu Systems allow callers to make selections based on their requirements using their telephone keypad. This improves customer satisfaction since customers are put through to the ideal operator to handle their call. Queuing Systems ensure calls are not given a busy tone during peak times.

What are the benefits of our Call Queuing Systems?

Using normal phone lines, you would need one line for each call in a queue. This can work out expensive if you need to place a large number of calls on hold in a queue. Our phone services are provided using secure cloud servers and the internet. This means that the queue can increase and decrease in size, without requiring the installation of multiple phone lines. This saves on telephone line rental.

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Bespoke CRM Software

Apart from our VOIP solutions, we also develop CRM software that you can link in with our VOIP solutions. That way, your staff can get instant access to a caller's account details saving valuable time and allowing you to provide a more efficient and friendly service.