Virtual Phone Systems

A Virtual Phone System (also known as Hosted Phone System) is a service which gives you most of the features of a regular office-based telephone system. For example, you can transfer calls, put calls on hold and divert calls. You also have access to advanced features which are often not included in office-based PBX systems, such as call queuing, call recording, and IVR Menu Systems. Rather than buying expensive Business Phone Systems, you pay a small monthly fee to rent a place on our Virtual Phone System. This allows for substantial money saving over buying a phone system.

Virtual Business
Phone System
£4.99 per person
No need to install multiple phonelines or expensive systems.

Depending on your broadband, all staff can use the phone at the same time through one phone line.

Phone Systems
£2.99 per month
Add our VoIP services to your phone systems.
Add new lines instantly while cutting costs
Auto failover to a landline if your VoIP phone system is unavailable.
With a Virtual Telephone System, you can easily setup additional users within a few minutes and theoretically, add an unlimited number of extensions. With a normal phone system, you would need to ensure you had enough phone lines to handle the number of calls you are receiving. Otherwise, callers would hear an engaged tone and hang up. With VoIP, you don't have this limitation. Our Hosted PBX system can handle as many calls as you need to receive by queuing calls. We have extra capacity on our network to ensure call quality is always maintained and callers never hear an engaged tone. So, if you have an advertising run that's more successful than you expect, or have an important event that creates unusually high call volume, you don't need to worry. Our system will automatically increase queue sizes and the number of lines you are using, without any input from you.
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Bespoke CRM Software

Apart from our VOIP solutions, we also develop CRM software that you can link in with our VOIP solutions. That way, your staff can get instant access to a caller's account details saving valuable time and allowing you to provide a more efficient and friendly service.

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